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[Decatur County Dulcimer #1]

This instrument belonged to the grandmother of Charles Fiddler, whose family chiefly lived in Henderson County. "Harmonica" is written on one side of the instrument, along with an illustration of a cuckoo. On the bottom of the instrument are traces…

[Decatur County Dulcimer #2]

This instrument was manufactured by one J. W. Ashcraft, who called it a "harmonica".

[Giles County Dulcimer #4]

Owned and built by Sarah Ellen Skeets Kieff (Jan. 6, 1890-Feb. 11, 1949) and her husband William Michael Kieff (Mar. 28, 1886-Sept. 25, 1949), probably in the late 1920s. At the time, they were living in Lester, Alabama (Limestone County). The…

[Hickman County Dulcimer #1]

The owner of this instrument--whose mother (b. 1885) called it a "harmonica"--reported that it was in kept in the house of her grandmother, Mattie Lowe Petty. She in turn had come from Ohio in a covered wagon to Maury County, then to Hickman County.

[Lawrence County Dulcimer #9]

This instrument bears a label on its back as well as a stenciled "HARMONICA" in its front.

[Obion [Hardin] County Dulcimer #2]

This instrument was passed to its current owner by his father, who had called it a "harmonica." This man was born in 1878 near Cabo in McNairy County (now Chester County). The earlier generation had moved to Tennessee from Peachland, North…