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Teardrop with Floral Decal, Galax, Virginia

This dulcimer is a well-crafted instrument with attention to detail. A mate to this instrument is in the Charles Faulkner Bryan dulcimer collection at Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, Tennessee.

Teardrop-Shaped Dulcimer, WV/KY Border

David Schnaufer described this 3-string teardrop-shaped instrument as a 20th century dulcimer of unknown provenance. It appears that this instrument could have been made in stages by more than one maker judging by the differences in quality of…

Transitional Scheitholt to Dulcimer

David Schnaufer purchased this instrument from Terry Lewis of Kentucky, who in turn had obtained it from a woman in Kentucky in the 1970s. Schnaufer had placed a tag on the instrument with the following note: "Schnaufer/1820?/Trans/Indiana/Terry…

[Shelby County Dulcimer #1]

The current owner acquired this instrument at a flea market in Memphis, Tennessee.

[Perry [Lewis] County Dulcimer #1]

The current owner purchased this instrument from a collector in Hohenwald, Tennessee.

[Obion [Hardin] County Dulcimer #2]

This instrument was passed to its current owner by his father, who had called it a "harmonica." This man was born in 1878 near Cabo in McNairy County (now Chester County). The earlier generation had moved to Tennessee from Peachland, North…

[Madison County Dulcimer #2]

This instrument was acquired for the Old Country Store in Jackson, Tennessee, by one Brooks Shaw. Its earlier provenance is unknown.

[Lawrence [Wayne] County Dulcimer #1]

This dulcimer originally came from Collinwood, Tennessee, and belonged to the Tucker family there as far back as the great-grandmother of one Mr. Tucker, now of Tiptonville. The nut and bridge of the instrument were replaced by its current owner.

[Hickman County Dulcimer #1]

The owner of this instrument--whose mother (b. 1885) called it a "harmonica"--reported that it was in kept in the house of her grandmother, Mattie Lowe Petty. She in turn had come from Ohio in a covered wagon to Maury County, then to Hickman County.