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[Alabama Dulcimer #1]

The current owner purchased this instrument from the widow of one Joe Gamble in Huntsville, Alabama. It had been purchased in turn at the same time as fiddles that were from Texas.

[Perry County Dulcimer #3]

This instrument was found in a house that the current owner's father had bought about 60 years before (ca. 1930s).

[Perry [Hickman] County Dulcimer #2]

This instrument belonged to the current owner's mother, who had inherited it through her grandfather's family (Edwards). The Edwards family had immigrated to North Carolina and eventually to Lincoln County, Tennessee.

[Perry [Lewis] County Dulcimer #1]

The current owner purchased this instrument from a collector in Hohenwald, Tennessee.

[McNairy County Dulcimer #1]

This instrument came to its current owners from a friend who had found it in a garage of a house he had bought in McNairy County, Tennessee.

[Marshall County Dulcimer #1]

According to its current owner, this instrument was bought from John's Antiques in Meridianville, Alabama. It had been previously acquired from a flea market in Lacon, Alabama, having originally come from an estate auction in Lewisburg, Tennessee.

[Lawrence County Dulcimer #9]

This instrument bears a label on its back as well as a stenciled "HARMONICA" in its front.

[Lawrence County Dulcimer #2]

This instrument was owned by David Schnaufer, and dates from the early twentieth century. Its unusual sound hole is identical to that of another instrument owned by G. of Pulaski, Tennessee. Given the unusual height of the bridge and nut, this…

[Hickman County Dulcimer #1]

The owner of this instrument--whose mother (b. 1885) called it a "harmonica"--reported that it was in kept in the house of her grandmother, Mattie Lowe Petty. She in turn had come from Ohio in a covered wagon to Maury County, then to Hickman County.