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"Arkansas Traveller"

"Arkansas Traveller" is one of the most famous, if not the most famous old-time American fiddle tunes, having served as a part of the folk repertoire since at least the 1820s. In this recording, Schnaufer performs this tune on the Decatur County…

"Barlow Knife"

This old-time fiddle tune is known either as "Barlow Knife" or as "Cabin Creek." The lyrics are typically presented as follows: I been livin' here all my life,All I got is a Barlow Knife;Buckhorn handle and a Barlow blade,Best dang knife that ever…

"Down in the Valley"

"Down in the Valley," also known as "Birmingham Jail," is an American folk song that has appeared in many variants in different collections and performer repertories. Schnaufer performed this selection on the Decatur County Tennessee music box #2,…

"John Henry"

This recording is of one of several old-time fiddle tune variants of "John Henry." Here, Schnaufer plays with a metal slide upon the lyre-shaped hole Tennessee music box from his personal collection.

"Sweet Hour of Prayer"

This hymn, with words by William W. Walford from around 1842 and a melody by W. B. Bradbury that was first associated with the hymn in 1859, has become a staple of Protestant church services over the past century-and-a-half. This performance by David…

"The Water is Wide"

This folk song, also known as "O Waly Waly," originally hails from the British Isles, and like many other such traditional songs, is about unrequited love. This performance by David Schnaufer and Sandy Conatser is performed on a so-called "courting…

[Alabama Dulcimer #1]

The current owner purchased this instrument from the widow of one Joe Gamble in Huntsville, Alabama. It had been purchased in turn at the same time as fiddles that were from Texas.

[Alcorn County (MS) Dulcimer #1]

This music box belonged to the great-great-grandfather (maternal) of the owner, Benjamin Franklin Hardin (b. 1860s). He was a carpenter who built houses, and lived in Alcorn County, Mississippi. The instrument passed through the family.

[Chester County Dulcimer #1]

This particular instrument is believed to have originated in Chester County, Tennessee. According to Mr. Evans of Henderson County, it came down through his family, where his mother had had it all his life. Interestingly, the instrument also features…

[Coffee County Dulcimer #1]

This dulcimer was purchased by Paul Pyle of Tullahoma, Tennessee in the early 1970s, and later sold by his wife to David Schnaufer in 2002. It

A label affixed to the side of the instrument reads as follows:


Mfg. & sold…