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In early 2002, David Schnaufer recorded a series of traditional selections on 10 historical dulcimers in anticipation of the future development of the Appalachian Dulcimer Archive. The recordings presented here are linked to records for the instruments themselves.


  • D. Schnaufer

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This old-time fiddle tune is known either as "Barlow Knife" or as "Cabin Creek." The lyrics are typically presented as follows: I been livin' here all my life,All I got is a Barlow Knife;Buckhorn handle and a Barlow blade,Best dang knife that ever…

This recording is of one of several old-time fiddle tune variants of "John Henry." Here, Schnaufer plays with a metal slide upon the lyre-shaped hole Tennessee music box from his personal collection.

"Down in the Valley," also known as "Birmingham Jail," is an American folk song that has appeared in many variants in different collections and performer repertories. Schnaufer performed this selection on the Decatur County Tennessee music box #2,…
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