The Straight-Sided Dulcimer in Tennessee


This collection/catalog is comprised of data for traditional straight-sided dulcimers (L. Allen Smith Type C) from throughout the Tennessee region. Data was gathered by chiefly by Sandy Conatser, Donovan Carpenter, and David Schnaufer.


  • S. Conatser
  • D. Carpenter
  • D. Schnaufer

Collection Items

[Decatur County Dulcimer #2]
This instrument was manufactured by one J. W. Ashcraft, who called it a "harmonica".

[Gibson County Dulcimer #1]
The current owner purchased this instrument at an antique store in Trenton, Gibson County, Tennessee. The manager of the store knew nothing of this dulcimer's origin. The top of the instrument was taken off at some point, then reattached via nailing,…

[Gibson County Dulcimer #2]
The current owner located this instrument at the same time as Gibson Dulcimer #1. No other information known of its origins.
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