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Appalachian Dulcimer Archive

Jethro Amburgey Dulcimer, Hindman, KY


Jethro Amburgey Dulcimer, Hindman, KY


This instrument was built in 1970 by Jethro Amburgey of Hindman, Kentucky. An inscription in cursive handwriting incised into the strum hollow of the fretboard reads: "Jethro Amburgey/Hindman, Key./10-20-70/#1165. Its hourglass shape is virtually identical to another Amburgey dulcimer, built in 1949, also found in the Tennessee State Museum collection. Amburgey received his dulcimer patterns from J. Ed Thomas and taught at the Hindman Settlement School for 30 years.


Amburgey, Jethro




Knott County, Kentucky

Dulcimer type



Tennessee State Museum, Nashville, Tennessee

Cataloged by

S. Conatser; Z. Law


32" x 6" x 1 5/8"

Physical description

elongated hourglass shape; top, back, and sides are made of cherry wood, with a red color and fine grain;tailpiece beveled on the edges, with a carved wooden dowel extending approx. 1" from the tailpieces that serves as a string mount; 3 pegs are violin pegs; nut and bridge made of same wood as body, with V-shaped notches for strings; 17 frets, wire staples extending only under first and second strings; 4 heart-shaped sound holes, all pointing towards the tailpiece; instrument is in very good condition.



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